About Us.


Something New is BoLee Bridal Couture's online shop for our lovely thrifty brides. Our idea is in the name! We want to allow our brides to take something old and turn it into something new. We sell sample gowns straight from our store for brides who are looking to do their own customization or use their creativity to make a completely new gown. Our gowns were used only as samples for brides to try on so they do have little imperfections here and there. That is why our motto is to take something old to make something new for budget brides! Whether our brides would like to keep the gown the way it is or completely redesign the dress into the gown of their dreams, we would love to see the before and after!


About the Gowns.

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Our gowns are selected from our BoLee Bridal Couture boutique located in Sunnyvale, California. We are an authorized retailer for all designer gowns sold. The gowns are used as samples for brides to try on before placing a new order. The gowns have wear and tear and will need a little extra love to mend back to a better condition. Some gowns may have either snags, small dirt stains, tears, loose threads, loose beading, missing buttons, sometimes broken zippers. Alterations and cleaning will be needed to mend the damages and to fit the bride. The sample gowns are rated on a scale of "Good Condition" to "Poor Condition" (see below for a description of what to expect). 


Good Condition

Gowns in good condition are fairly new and have little to no damages. May have minor loose threads, small dirt spots, missing buttons. 

Moderately Good Condition

Gowns categorized with 'moderately good' may have a few loose threads, loose beading, little snags, small dirt spots, slight fraying, loose tacks, missing buttons. 

Moderately Poor Condition

Gowns will be in a slightly more worn out condition and will have more loose threads, loose beading, snags, dirt spots, fraying, loose tacks, missing buttons, small rip and tears, broken zipper pull tabs. 

Poor Condition

Gowns in poor condition will need more major fixes and will include some or all of the following: loose threads, loose beading, snags, dirt spots, fraying, loose tacks, missing buttons, rips and tears, broken zipper pull tab, broken zipper.